Our customers are either public companies, companies owned by well-known business persons, entrepreneurs, owners of SMEs, fast growing companies and companies with international ambitions. Based on experience our ability to create added value for our customers are primarily based on the following:

  • FOR THE SELLER OF A COMPANY OR ONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR INVESTORS: What is it the investor or buyer is looking for when considering an investment opportunity? How to make sure that the company presentation meets the investor’s expectations? What do you want from an investor beyond cash? We help with guidance and opinions on strategy, positioning, business models, deal structure, communication, organisation and analysis. Good management of the process is important to build confidence with the investor.


  • FOR BUYERS OF COMPANIES OR THOSE CONSIDERING IMPROVING THE BUSINESS STRUCTURE. Information mining and discretion. As a discrete team player without visible connections, we can help clarify potential interest for a transaction without revealing who we are representing.


  • FOR FAST GROWING COMPANIES WITH DEMANDING OWNERS. To ensure good governance, which means cash flow projections, accounting practises, high quality reports to the board and analysis of collected data, build confidence and trust necessary to open up for new capital injections, when needed.


  • RELATIONS: The partners at Nova Corporate have varied business backgrounds giving us broad knowledge of all aspects of corporate finance and a network spreading all over the world. Our relations give us the option to get immediate feed-back and useful background information prior to key decisions.


  • IDEAS. Our assistance is not limited to specific industries and impulses and ideas can be useful across assignments. We are committed and engaged and assignments are often re-considered after conversations with us.