Describe a normal Fund Raising Campaign

Fund Raising

In a normal situation we go through the following steps:

  1. Initial meeting between owner of the company and Nova Corporate, followed by an internal assessment by us as to whether this can be solved or not and how much money is needed. This is based on valuation expectations, where the company is in terms of growth, market opportunities, profitability and how fundable the company is.
  2. LoU or mandate between the company and Nova Corporate
  3. Presentation materiel: We prepare a one-pager or teaser, a one-page presentation of the company, business plan and a slide deck for the investor presentation. We also put together an investor list – a list of all those we think it is worth contacting, to be approved by the company
  4. We help preparing for the due diligence, setting up data room and what documents to be in the “black-box” which means documents only to be made available for the investor’s advisors
  5. We promote the company to investors by taking direct contact with investor and make arrangements for a first meeting between the company and the investor.
  6. We prepare a “Financial Memorandum”.

Investors that are interested get the FM.

We assist in the discussions and negotiations leading up to an LoI or term sheet and also the final agreement.